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Why Chick N Dude?

a little bit about us

5/6/20241 min read

black and pink heart print textile
black and pink heart print textile

People ask us why "Chick n Dude"? How did you get those names? Since shortly after we met, he would call me chick, it almost became a joke, he would call me to ask some random question, and when I would answer- he would say "Hey chick... so I have a question". Of course I began countering his question, with "Well Dude here is the answer"... and it stuck. When we bought our home, people around us had heard us refer to each other so often as "Chick" or "Dude", that a sign was created and gifted to us and is in our Kitchen, "CHICK N DUDE"... ! Hence.. Chickndude... and well our STUFF.

Our STUFF.. let us share the list:

Faith, Family, C-Suite for Christ, Outer Circle Foundation, Fellowship of Extraordinary Women (Few), Inner Circle, Keynote Speaking, authoring a book, .... wanting to travel, caring for others and helping in the community.