Kayley Bishop- LIVE and IN CONCERT- September 19, 2024.................C-Suite For Christ ATLANTA SYMPOSIUM 2024


Friday- Thank God!

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4/19/20241 min read

faith, hope, love, chickndude
faith, hope, love, chickndude

What is your day today?

Friday- wrapping up a busy week, ready for a relaxing weekend? a busy weekend?


Dude- Had a DR appointment,

work today- @ The Buckhead Club in Atlanta- calls, working on our upcoming AWARENESS training, PTSD awareness, and planning an in person event and concert for SEPTEMBER 19th! Save the date- YOU don't want to miss this! More information to come soon.

This afternoon, we get to see friends in town from Germany! Looking forward to it.

Sending our prayers and hugs,

Chick n Dude