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but God has built an army around us!

5/4/20241 min read

The Journey is On LED signage
The Journey is On LED signage

This week the reality of a cancer diagnosis resonated with us, as we learned about DUDE's cancer treatment program and plan. The next months will be challenging, they will test our strength and our patience for all the things around us. But we find that even in these initial days we are feeling the community of people come around us: our family, our church, our friends and even people in the world that we haven't spoken with in years are coming alongside us to say "hey we are here, we are praying for you and when you need something, we've got you"! God is so good, the way he has built an army around us and loves us. Join us on this journey as we walk through and beat CANCER together! HUGS, Chick N Dude